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Best Teething Products for Babies & Toddlers | Wellements

Teething is a confusing time for both baby and parent. Fever? Could be teething. Drooling more than usual? Probably teething. Crying a lot? Teething or a million other things! So many symptoms and unfortunately, all you can do is watch for the symptoms and over time realize what is teething and what is not.

We used teething toys, which worked in the moment and maybe for a few minutes but overall wasn’t a long-term resolution for teething. Some of the teething toys we used (and still have!) are a teething ring and a teething elephant. Both great toys and our son will play with them, but not really for teething reasons. I needed something more! I came across Wellements tooth oil on Instagram and this helped so much! Wellements is known for being an all organic baby product company so I felt safe using this – plus the posts I saw on Instagram from other mamas had nothing but good things to say. Teething is still an issue and will always be because these little humans need to grow, and so do their teeth! But this tooth oil really helps soothe the pain, and my son loves it! The taste of it helps him forget about his little tooth pain he’s currently experiencing.

Wellements tooth oil is what brought me to their site, but boy I wish I knew about this company when I was in the newborn phase. This company also has vitamin D drops and multivitamin drops. Vitamin D drops were recommended to us by our pediatrician for our son but the one she recommended were not great and my son was super fussy after taking it. Of course, once I found out about Wellements he was no longer taking Vitamin D, but if your doctor recommends any sort of vitamin – ask about Wellements because they have a bunch!

From now on, Wellements is my go-to baby gifts for a mama to be. Did I mention it’s reasonably priced as well? It’s honestly much appreciated – baby products are expensive, and everything adds up quick! I don’t find Wellements to be super expensive, and I think parents around the world can appreciate that, especially when it comes to their health/must have items.

If there is one mama out there reading this that doesn’t know about Wellements, then I did my job! Check out their site, especially as flu season is upon up. Stock up on the essentials, or if you’re looking for a gift for a mama to be, or a mama expecting her 2nd, 3rd, 4th child – bundle their products and save!

Wellements also has a blog and I feel like you don’t see that too much from baby product companies. Usually they are more about selling, but this company also publishes articles about real life mama topics! It’s nice to have a place to go for advice from a well known company.

Again, if all I did from this article was introduce one mama to Wellements, then I consider it a success! Comment below with your favorite items!