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Facebook’s Free Live Chat: Talk with Customers in Real Time

If you have a Website where you sell your product or service – listen up! Are you looking for another way to connect with your customers? If you have a Facebook page for your business as well – you are in luck. Facebook offers a FREE live chat for your Website.

Live chat systems can be expensive, but very worth it when you’re looking for another option to chat in real time with customers. Unfortunately, grabbing a phone and calling a business is slowly going away, but texting, emailing, and live chat are becoming the go-to way to communicate with businesses. There’s less waiting, people for more comfortable with it, and it’s quicker! They are more likely to ask their honest questions and it they’re less likely for “forget to call” if there is an opportunity right then and there to chat with you!

This is a perfect feature for small businesses who have owners or employees that wear more than one hat. If you have Facebook Messenger on your phone, you should have Facebook’s live chat on your Website. The chat comes through just like it would if you receive a message from a friend on Facebook. This opens up the door for extended hours for your business; thinking about staying up late to work? Make sure your live chat is on and ready to go. Who knows, maybe someone is looking for your business across the country where it’s only 7pm! There is less room for missing an email or call when you have the live chat come through like any other message on your phone. It’s not as formal as email, so no spending time on writing up an email and making sure everything is written too fancy! This is a much more casual, right to the point kind of interaction.

I found a really good article here on how to add the live chat to your Website. If you’re already spending so much time on Facebook throughout the day – why not set it up so that your customers/future customers can chat with you in real time? No signing in, no writing up an email, just chat! Hope you find this helpful and comment below if you’ve had any experience with this!

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