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Hi! Welcome to my blog: Moms, Kids & Biz. I started writing about 2 years ago and realized that the online motherhood community could benefit from SEO marketing tips – and I wanted to help! So, I started my blog in hopes that I could help mommy bloggers optimize their content and make sure their content can be easily found online. If you’re a mom, you’ve been Googling at 2am random questions that you NEED answers to. 

I‘m a firm believer that the online motherhood community helps moms take on motherhood one mommy blogger/mompreneur at a time. I turned to blogs, websites, influencers and more when I found out I was pregnant and haven’t stopped since. My hubby and I now have a three year old boy and so many ideas come from all of you! I never took a birthing class because all of the stories, tips, encouragement came from the moms I followed online. So, I wanted to join and share some tips for SEO for mamas with a business of their own. I work full time from home, and needed a place to turn to when work & home life just becomes one mess! I love to share my knowledge about SEO and online marketing, but I sometimes will write about mom life too – it’s a nice balance. Here to help answer any questions about blogs, website and online marketing for mamas. I appreciate you all and thanks for visiting!