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3 Baby Items from Amazon that Helped Mom & Dad Get Some Extra Sleep

I used the Internet 99% of the time when it came to what baby items to have when our son arrived. A lot through influencers on Instagram, Facebook and of course Google searches. I had about two friends that were expecting babies around the same time as us, so the online motherhood community was a place I turned to a lot for research. When it came to items that my son would use for at least 12 hours a day, I knew I’d need to think really hard about what to buy. As a first time mom, if there was one piece of advice I got from other moms, it was basically “sleep when baby is sleeping” so I wanted to make sure the items relating to sleep were good investments for my son, and also for me and hubby! So, I purchased some from what I saw online and then some products that family and friends recommended. After a lot of reviews and research, I purchased three items that I thought would help my son sleep better. Some to me were “old school” items and some that were just invented. Now that over a year has passed since our son was born, here are the items that I would use again!

  1. Dockatot. This item I found through a few influencers online that were also expecting their first child. This was the very first item I added to my registry. People swore by it and the amount of posts I saw about it, I figured it had to be worth it. We used it until our son was 6 months old and it was SO WORTH IT. Our son started sleeping through the night around 6 weeks and I think the Dockatot as a lot to do with it. Not only did it fit in his bassinet, but we used it in his crib too. It kept him snug and comfy, and I truly give a lot of the credit towards Dockatot when it comes to my son sleeping through the night. Another great thing about the Dockatot was that it was easy to travel with. We spend many nights in hotels with our Dockatot!
  2. Halo Bassinet. This was another purchased I saw a lot online and had recommendations from family and friends. I knew we would need a bassinet because we wanted our son to be in our bedroom the first 3 months (minimum). This bassinet has SO many good reviews and is expensive, but truly made our sleeping situation better. It swivels and moves easily plus like I said, the Dockatot fit perfectly. We stopped using this around 3-4 months when we transitioned to a crib but have safely stored it for future babies! When our son was born, the hospital also used the brand Halo for their bassinets, which made me feel even better about this purchase!
  3. Baby bouncer chair. We made the mistake of not setting up this chair as soon as we got home from the hospital. Our son had many of his naps in this chair starting at around 3 months old. We did not use the toys that came with it, but he absolutely loved it without them! He loved the light bounce it had to it and it was also extremely easy to clean (a major plus!). Great gift for a baby shower! Will use again for sure. Plus, they have chairs for every age as the babies get older!

These items are on the higher end as far as pricing goes, but all items can be used again, handed down to family members expecting a baby, or re-sold! I would recommend putting these items on your registry asap! I think they helped my husband and I get some extra hours of sleep and helped our son sleep through the night quicker than he would have without them!

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