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Favorite Toddler Plates | WeeSprout

A chore I really dislike doing at my house is cleaning the dishes. My husband and I’s first apartment ever had no dishwasher and I think that caused me to just really despise doing the dishes. Even with a dishwasher, doing the dishes is just a hassle for me. But it must get done and when my son started eating real food, I was on the hunt for plates for him that were easy to clean. I wanted something that wouldn’t take long to clean but was a good plate for him to use daily.

After a couple weeks of searching online and social media, I came across WeeSprout’s plates. I have the WeeSprout high chair which we love, so I knew this company was a business I could trust. I ordered the three pack of the plates in blue, green, and grey. In just a few days they were here!

First off, I want to mention that their packing display overall was really nice. It nicely packed in a box that isn’t too big (thank you!!) and doesn’t come with any unnecessary padding for the box. The bowls we used before our WeeSprout ones are plastic, so I decided to purchase the silicone plates instead of Bamboo. One because my son is 1.5 years old and he had a habit of throwing the plastic so I thought the bamboo would remind him too much of the plastic. I think it was a good call because these silicone plates haven’t touched the floor once!

I usually don’t get to the dishes until the end of the day, so these plates sit in the sink til 7pm. I use all three plates during the day and let me tell you, they are so easy to clean even after 12 hours of sitting in the sink. After a day of working and taking care of a toddler, those extra minutes I don’t have to spend scrubbing are greatly appreciated. Not only do they clean easy, they don’t stain. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, WeeSprout’s high chair doesn’t stain either. Since the plates are silicone, they dry quickly too! Truly giving me time which every mama needs!

If you’re looking for some plates for your toddler, I highly recommend checking out WeeSprout. Maybe the bamboo ones are for you! Personally, we like the silicone ones for now but I’m sure as my son gets older we will try out the bamboo. Did I mention they have free shipping + lots of colors to choose from? Let your little one pick!

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Happy Shopping!


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