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Best Baby/Toddler Pajamas from Amazon under $25

With the pandemic, in-person shopping has come to a stop. I haven’t shopped in a store for my son in almost a year! Online shopping has been my go-to, especially Amazon. So, I wanted to write about the best pajamas I’ve found off Amazon for my son because they actually turned out a lot better than I thought they were!

My son is dealing with some bad eczema on his ankles, so we wanted to stop putting him in the fleece footie pajamas so his feet could get some air! Before I get into the two piece pajamas that we love, I will link some of the fleece footie pajamas that I’ve purchased. We love them but the only thing that I don’t like about it is the maple syrup smell that sometimes comes up when my son either sweats too much or pees a lot. I wrote about that here, so be sure to check that out in case you’ve smelled a syrup smell on your baby!

So, in order to stop that maple syrup smell we started putting him in footie pajamas that were cotton instead of fleece and the smell went away! So, we’ve tried these out too and really like them. They are easier for my son to walk around in because the fleece ones aren’t as snug fit.

Last, are these two piece pajamas that I recently purchased and my son loves! They are really good quality especially for the price! Check out these two piece boy pajamas for under $11! They are snug but not too snug that it looks uncomfortable and they stretch well! I totally thought the quality would be thin, but they are a perfect balance between thick and thin, keeping my baby warm at night!

The Amazon two piece pajamas were so much better than I expected, so I’d highly recommend if you are on the hunt for some affordable pajamas for your little one!