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Working from Home with a Toddler Schedule

In the beginning of the pandemic I had no schedule for myself or my toddler. Besides weekends, the only time I had been home alone with my son was during maternity leave when I didn’t have to worry about work. Well, that changed quickly, and I needed to figure out how to get 8 hours of work done while taking care of my son. The schedule that we use now has changed so many times and wasn’t always the schedule we worked with. My son went from baby to toddler and with that came decreased number of naps and him being more mobile! A schedule would stick for a few weeks, and then it would change overnight. But that is okay. We are in a pandemic and I was going to make this work!

So, my son is now 16 months old and we have a schedule that really works for us. I feel like I can spend quality time with him while working from home. Something I couldn’t say in March of 2020. So, I wrote up the schedule that works for us in hopes that it’ll help guide another mama out there that may be struggling with their day-to-day tasks. Whether you have a full time or part time job, or a stay-at-home mom with one or more kids; I really believe a schedule will help you and your kids’ each day!

Before I had my son, I worked way more than 8+ hours a day. Why? I was just one of those types of people that enjoyed working and so did my husband. We both worked more than the average number of hours of work each week and we both understood why. We graduated college together and wanted to be successful. Well, I’ve learned that that is not the only way to become successful and being a mom doesn’t stop that either. I get more work done working from home with my son than I ever did 10+ hours in the office. It still amazes me how much work I get done even with a toddler by my side!

So, here is the schedule I aim for everyday while I work from home with my toddler:

Working from Home with a Toddler Schedule
working from home [with a toddler] schedule

Screen time isn’t always as long, but I will admit that some days it is and that’s the way it has to be in order for some of my work tasks to get done. Another thing that helps is FaceTime with family. Not only does it allow my son to see family that he isn’t able to see right now, but it has him talking and he can be right next to me while I work and chit chats with his Grandma or Grandpa!

Outdoor time is important to us but doesn’t happen everyday depending on the weather. We love being outside and it gets him tired! If it is too cold outside, we do an activity together. Playing, reading, dancing, anything together. No phone or computer for me during that time too. Meals are always together during the day. I love splitting meals together – it’s so nice to share a sandwich with my little one. It’s a nice bonding time and if needed, I can have my computer near by to check emails.

A goal of mine in 2021 is to wake up earlier and work for an hour before my son wakes up. If I wake up an hour earlier, I can spend that extra hour with my son, prepping for meals, cleaning or just having that hour for something that needs to get done that day. Hey, I used to wake up 3 times a night when my son was little and then go to work for 8 hours. I can do this!

I hope this schedule is helpful, but I understand it probably won’t for everyone. We all have different duties, different environments, different help, etc. It’s a crazy time right now and if you’re in a similar position to me and trying to work a full-time job with a kid(s) at home – take your time and figure out what works for YOU. Talk to your employer, be honest with yourself and make sure you’re prioritizing what means the most to you.