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Clean, Sturdy High Chair | WeeSprout Baby Products

One of the purchases that I really did some research for was high chairs. I wanted a safe high chair, comfortable, easy to clean, and affordable. While I did a lot of research, I also needed to order one kind of soon. So, I knew I wanted to buy it off Amazon. We were using a smaller bumper seat, but the pandemic started and I knew we’d be home for awhile. So I wanted one that we could have for years and use everyday!

After much research, I came across WeeSprout high chair on Amazon. A few reasons why I liked it was because the way it looked (very clean, simple look) and it looked really sturdy. Our son is big and tall and I was so nervous he’d move and jump and the high chair would move too much, or slip on the ground. This high chair was made out of wood and didn’t look flimsy. After reading some reviews, I was sold. Purchased!

Here are are, 7 months later and the high chair still looks BRAND NEW. Used everyday at least three times, and it’s sparkly clean, and I promise we put all kinds of food on it! It is so easy to clean, and doesn’t stain. The actual tray part is a little hard to take off but I really don’t mind it. It gives me peace that our son can’t take it off or fall through. The buckles are easy to tighten/adjust – and also a really pretty color. Also somehow not dirty after many droppings of food.

I can’t compare it to other high chairs but this high chair will for sure be used with our future kids. Our son doesn’t seem squished or uncomfortable and it’s just a nice addition to our dining room. He’s still growing and still moving, but the chair doesn’t move when he does! This mama doesn’t need to worry.

WeeSprout doesn’t just have high chairs! Make sure to check out their site and see what great baby products they have.

Happy shopping!