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Working From Home With Kids: Home Office/Playroom Must Haves

When I realized that my ‘work from home’ period was going to be a lot longer than expected, I started to think about which space in my house I wanted to designate as an area that I’d get most of my work done. I basically had two choices: playroom or guest room. I chose the playroom because it’s not a room with doors, it’s more like a nook off the living room and I didn’t want to be stuck in a bedroom all day. Once I figured that out, I started shopping for a few things that I knew I’d need in order to be productive. I also knew I’d need this to remain a playroom for my son too because #workingmomlife here!

The first item I purchased was for my son. I needed somewhere he could play that was bigger than his pack n play. I saw this play pen on Instagram from another mom and purchased it right away. It would fit in the area where my new office would be and looked big enough for my son to play and crawl around! It’s also easily able to travel and can go outside too – perfect for any situation.

Next up, was a desk! I waited two weeks too long to get one of these! I searched everywhere for a desk. I didn’t want to spend too much money but knew it’d probably be at least $100 plus I wanted it to get here quickly. I found a white desk at Target, so I ended up with that one. It has one drawer and is simple & not too big. This desk has held up REALLY well, and I’m super happy with this purchase. Plus, it matches with everything.

My next purchase might be obvious; a chair! I found this chair on Overstock.com and was a little picky with my chair research too. Something that is nice looking but most importantly, comfortable. After reading MANY reviews, I found a nice white chair that again, would match really with anything!

This next item is smaller, and I have purchased many already because my toddler somehow gets it dirty all the time. Food, drink, just about everything. My mousepads can be found everywhere around my house, my desk, dining room table, room. These mousepads are big enough but not too big that it looks weird – a must for me! But I know mousepads aren’t for everyone.

My last product may seem silly, but my sister got me colorful pens and it makes the biggest difference – I don’t know why! I write a lot for work and my blog, so writing in color makes it more fun. The pack I linked has so many different colors, making it more fun to organize too. It’s the little things, right mamas?!

These are just a few items I’ve purchased so far! It sounds like my home office will be my place of work for awhile, so more items to come!


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