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Working From Home With Kids: Daycare or No Daycare?

Should I send my child back to daycare during this pandemic? WHAT A QUESTION. I want to start by saying not everyone has the “choice” so it’s a topic that needs some real thought! And I just want to share the side I’m on.

I have officially been on all sides of stay at home mom, working mom, working from home mom, and working from home with kids mom. Well kid, just one little boy for me!

It’s funny how some people’s opinions change based off their surroundings when it comes to daycare. I had a 3 month maternity leave, and some people said “Are you going to take longer? Don’t you want to be home with your baby? Can you work part time?” Well, I couldn’t just “stay home with baby” + I was at a good spot mentally and found a wonderful daycare. Me, my hubby and our son were ready! So off to daycare we went and back to the office full time for this mama.

Then the pandemic hit. My office shut down and the next day I worked from home and sent my son to daycare. I was working from home by myself and it felt weird. I felt guilty. Well, that was the last day I worked from home alone because we decided to keep our son home and his daycare closed about a week later.

Fast forward..7 months? 8? I lost count, I’ve been home forever! Anyway, my sons daycare is still closed and we’re okay with that. Because I’ve found a good balance with work and family time. But guess what? Those opinions when I was coming off maternity leave “too soon” are now saying “he should go back at some point even if it’s part time, he needs the socialization”. Oh, but that’s not what you were telling me earlier this year? Funny.

The decision of sending your kid(s) to daycare or not during a pandemic is so stressful that it makes me mad it’s not talked about more. Do you understand the thoughts that are going through parents minds? Some parents don’t have a choice and I hope those parents feel good about sending their kids to daycare because they SHOULD feel good. They are great parents, working so hard to keep their family financially stable. The fact that some parents that don’t want to send their kids to daycare but don’t have a choice, makes me sad. To the parents who do have a choice, I hope with whatever decision you come to you know that it’s YOUR decision and not every family is the same. Not everyone’s job is the same. Some jobs require to be on the phone every hour. You know when you can’t do that? When you have little ones running around asking you “why” all the time and asking for food or drinks or toys. So, the decision of daycare is not a light one. Parents, you are doing an amazing job and whatever you decide, just know that you’re the only one who can make that decision and why it’s right for your family.

I turned to the online motherhood community because this pandemic has brought so much stress. I hope my story is one you can relate to but also encourages you to open up about yours!


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