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Custom Photo Mugs | Fogling Around Designs

I told myself once I hit 50 followers on Instagram I‘d give a small biz that I have purchased from a quick shout out!

Another reason I wanted to start a blog was to give shout outs to other mamas! Do you know why? Because I’m going to link to their site, blog and/or Instagram and that will be an inbound link for them. Inbound link = good exposure and a + in Googles mind. Inbound links can be hard to get, so I hope this helps and if it gets this mama just one more customer then it’s a win for me!

Here is her Instagram:

This was one of the first businesses I found on Instagram. I searched through hashtags and came across her page. I purchased two mugs from her…so far 🙂 One for myself and one for my sister in law! These make the perfect gift for mamas, dads, grandparents, fur parents, any type of parent, aunt, uncle! Let’s be honest, you drink out of a mug daily whether it’s a few cups of coffee (me) or some tea, so why not treat yourself to a mug with your babys face on it! It’s by far my favorite mug. It’s been through the dishwasher many times and is totally fine, still looks brand new. The shop owner is a mama and her biz is seriously just too cute! So, as a part of my blog I want to showcase businesses ran by mamas! I hope you enjoy her shop and buy a mug for yourself or a friend!

Here‘s her Etsy shop!

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