Mom Blog Updates: Optimizing For Google & Helping Mamas Find You Online

Okay. I know I’ll end up writing some posts about motherhood and my little babe, but I want to talk about mommy blogs, influencers, instagram pages etc. I don’t know about you, but this #onlinemomcommunity is extremely helpful in my daily life. I literally have two friends that also have babies and the rest I know are family! It is SO nice to have all of you to turn to. So, to give back I want to write about blogging tips for moms. You all have created such a wonderful community, that I want to help and make sure you’re being seen as much as you deserve!

If you have a website and/or blog then listen up! You need to optimize your site and blog posts as much as you can! I googled the crap out of you all when I found out I was pregnant and found soooo many outlets. But working in web marketing, I noticed a lot of you aren’t optimizing as much as you can. And I can see that just by looking at your sites! I promise once you start taking advantage of different aspects on your site, you’ll see a difference. Your blog titles, image alt text, title tag, meta description need to be updated! This is what google looks for when a mama like me googles “tips for working from home with baby” cause that’s what I did when this pandemic started. You need to include certain keywords to help bring your page higher on other moms search results. Images for an example is an easy place to start! Wherever you add your images, check for an area where it says “alt txt” or “alt tag” and update this to no more than 2-3 keywords based off your blog post. Writing about fun meals to make with your three year old? Your text should say something like “cooking with kids”. Why? Because that’s what another mama will be googling when she wants to find your article! 

What do you have to lose? If it’s not updated already, it’s just going to help! Just email me or DM me on Instagram with your Website and I’ll give you some blog or website tips. That’s it! I absolutely love my job and what I do, and I know mommy bloggers can benefit from it. Plus, it’s the least I can do for all you do for me when I have so many mom/baby questions and I turn to you for advice! I want to help make it easier for mamas like me to find you online. Because at 2am sometimes it’s what you really need. 

Can’t wait to hear from you!