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Why Mommy Bloggers Are Perfect for SEO

One of the biggest components of SEO is content and consistently updating your Website. These are 2 things that mom blogs have to do in order to stay relevant in the online motherhood community. Not only do they have so much to write about, it’s all unique. Every experience or product or service that a mom recommends is different than another mom. That’s why moms turn to Google when they are concerned about their children or are looking for the best product to use.

I’ve done a lot of research and Googling myself to see what type of SEO work some of the bigger mom blogs do, and I don’t see much. There are simple Website optimizations that I can look for like title tags, meta descriptions, and outbound links. About 85% of the blogs or websites I come across relating to motherhood do not have any of these changes made.

I feel so strongly about SEO for Mommy Bloggers because I am a mom of a one and I turned to Google many times to figure out a lot of questions I had. One being when my son started to smell like maple syrup. You can read my blog post about it, but long story short his PJs were causing a sweet smell. It took me down a rabbit hole until I finally found an article that was SO close to what I was experiencing. That and a doctors call of course! But I realized that I wasn’t the only one out there that had a similar experience happen and I wanted to make sure my story was able to be found easily for any other moms going through something similar. That blog post of mine has gotten the most views and shows up the highest on Google. I’m still working on optimizing my Website, but we are getting there!

If you’re looking for SEO for your blog, please contact me for a free Website or Blog audit! I will give you a few tips and optimizations to make and advice for future posts.

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