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SEO for Mom Bloggers

SEO for mom blogs is one of the most important ways for moms to market (if they want!) because their content is so valuable., unique and constantly being searched. You can’t pay for content writers when you’re writing a mom blog – it’s obvious when the content being written isn’t genuine and moms that are googling, are usually googling something specific. Mommy content is one of a kind!

Moms can benefit so much from doing SEO because they know their audience and they don’t need to spend too much time on keyword research. Working in different industries in SEO over the past 10 years, I can confidently say that most industries require a lot of keyword research to see what the world is Googling. But for moms, they know what they are Googling because they were once that person turning to online blogs for answers. Everything from pregnancy to birth to bringing a little one home. The amount of questions that arise that you can’t find in WebMD or some other reputable Website are limitless. That’s why moms write, because even if it helps just one other mom out there who’s scared or worried about something then it’s worth it.

The nice thing about mom blogs that need SEO is that they don’t need to worry about content as much. Writing content for them is the easy part. Something new comes up on a daily basis and there you go – there’s another page of content ready to be published to their blog or Website. Going on a vacation? They can write about what food they brought or how they packed for 6 people in just 2 hours. It’s simple things like that, that make mom blogs so valuable and unique. Everyone’s story is different. Everyone has different tips or schedules or ways to parent and they’re all welcomed online. Because moms get to choose what they are googling and reading.

There are so many small SEO tips that mom blogs can implement that will help get their website or blog to page one and I want to help. I had so many mom moments where I was googling stuff at 3am in the morning and I think it’s so important to make sure the content is being found. I can’t even imagine how many bloggers are out there on pages 6 and 7 that provide so much content, it’s just not optimized in Google’s eyes so they aren’t being pushed to page 1.

If you’re a mom blog and want to see your Website on page 1, contact me for a free website audit. I’ll provide free tips and recommendations for your site to help you get there!