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How Do I Get My Child to Sleep with a Blanket?

As a parent, you know how important it is to ensure that your child gets a good night’s sleep. A comfortable and warm blanket can play a big role in helping your child sleep soundly through the night. However, if your child is not used to sleeping with a blanket, getting them to do so can be a challenge. Well, my son is now three years old and still won’t sleep with a blanket! He will sleep with one at school, but at home it’s just his bed and that’s it. His sleep schedule is just fine, but it’s the temperature at night that I worry about. He gets nosebleeds, and I worry that by keeping the heat on higher than usual is causing that. But I worry he’ll get too cold!

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some tips and tricks to help kids get comfortable sleeping with a blanket.

Choose the Right Blanket

The first step in getting your child to sleep with a blanket is to choose the right one. Children have different preferences when it comes to the type of blankets they like, so it’s important to involve your child in the selection process. Make sure that the blanket is the right size for your child and that it’s made of a material that is soft and comfortable. I bought this toddler blanket off Amazon because it’s breathable. One of my biggest worries is that my son will be too hot or will cover his face with the blanket, so making sure it wasn’t too thick was top of my must have list! 

Introduce the Blanket Gradually

If your child is not used to sleeping with a blanket, you may need to introduce it gradually. Start by placing the blanket near your child’s bed or crib so that they can get used to its presence. I’ve had this new blanket for my son for about 3 months…and it still has not made it’s way to the bed. It’s in a toy bin near his bed, and he’s 100% aware of it but is not ready to use it yet. You can also encourage your child to touch and play with the blanket during the day so that they become familiar with it. Once your child is comfortable with the blanket, you can start placing it on top of them during nap times (if nap times are still a thing!) and eventually during bedtime.

Use a Transitional Object

For some children, it can be helpful to use a transitional object, such as a stuffed animal, to help them get used to sleeping with a blanket. Place the blanket on the stuffed animal during the day and encourage your child to snuggle with it. This can help your child associate the blanket with comfort and security.

Make the Blanket a Part of the Bedtime Routine

Establishing a consistent bedtime routine can help your child feel more comfortable and secure at bedtime. Include the blanket as part of the bedtime routine by making it a regular part of the process. For example, you could have your child help tuck in the blanket or make it part of a bedtime story. This can help your child feel more comfortable and familiar with the blanket.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement can be a powerful tool in helping your child get comfortable sleeping with a blanket. Praise your child for their efforts and progress, and offer rewards for milestones, such as sleeping through the night with the blanket. This can help your child feel proud of their accomplishments and motivated to continue using the blanket. This worked for us for potty training, so I’m hoping we have the same results with the blanket.

Be Patient and Persistent

Finally, it’s important to be patient and persistent in helping your child get comfortable with sleeping with a blanket. This process may take time and require some trial and error, so it’s important to stay positive and supportive throughout. With patience and persistence, you can help your child get comfortable sleeping with a blanket and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

In conclusion, getting your child to sleep with a blanket may require some effort and patience, but it’s worth it to help your child feel comfortable and secure at bedtime. By choosing the right blanket, introducing it gradually and making it part of the night time routine.