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Ways to Help Cure the Sunday Scaries | Working Mama

Sometimes a case of the Sunday scaries can be super intense. It may sound silly, but to mamas who either stay at home with their kids or work from home with their kids, Sunday scaries are at a whole new level. For some, when Monday comes, their spouse is leaves for work which means less help to put it lightly. It also may mean that there will be another level of stress added in the form of work tasks starting 9am Monday.

Some Sunday’s I struggle with the Sunday scaries because I know it means my hubby has to go back to work, and work starts for me but everything else remains the same. I still have my normal tasks from the weekend (my little guy & house stuff!) + work. And I know that it’s just the beginning so I need to find the energy to get me through the next five days! So, I wrote up a few things that help me deal with the Sunday scaries.

1. Cleaning. This may sound like someone else’s nightmare, but personally, I sleep better knowing my house is clean. I do the dishes, I do laundry, and light a candle. Something about a nice smelling house. Also, cleaning keeps you busy so your mind will be taken off the bad thoughts that come along with it being Sunday. I also try to make my cleaning tasks lighter for the week. Do more laundry than normal so maybe I don’t have to do as much during the week. 

2. Movies. Does anyone else have certain movies that just calm them? I have a few: Grown Ups, The Proposal, and Sweet Home Alabama. They are my favorite movies but they also are SO calming for me. I once read that people with anxiety like to watch movies that they’ve seen many times because it brings them comfort knowing the ending. I think that’s why I enjoy them, especially on Sundays! 

3. Work. Again, this may not be for everyone and I get that because I can’t do it every Sunday. But, if you can – take on Monday early. Not everyone can do this, but if you can get some of your work for Monday done early – do it! Sometimes taking on the problem head on is best. But trust me, this isn’t a solution for every Sunday. Sometimes this tip gives me more anxiety than anything else!

4. Games. Play a simple card or board game. Something straight forward and fun, if it made you smile as a kid – play it! It will bring back happy memories and it’s something fun for you and your spouse to do together. Probably when the kids go to bed – cause who can play cards with kids running around?!

Mamas, Sunday scaries are real and you’re not alone. I’d love to hear about how you can on the stress that comes with knowing the week is about to start! Comment below with what you do to help. 


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