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Pregnancy During the Pandemic | Should We Wait?

A topic that is talked about a lot in my house is when we should try for another baby. If it weren’t for this pandemic, we’d be trying.

I had such a wonderful pregnancy with my son that I was so excited to one day become pregnant again. Now, I don’t know how excited I am for pregnancy. Should we wait? If we can wait, should we? 

COVID has already felt like it’s taken over my life, it controls what I can and can’t do, who I can and can’t see, where I can and can’t go. It’s crazy. I see so many pregnancy announcements and I am scared my nerves and anxiety would take over and I wouldn’t even be excited. I worry that it would make me become more isolated than I already am. Would I never allow anyone in my house? I already struggle with allowing family to come over without getting tested first. I worry it would bring so much stress that it would affect my baby. I have so many worries, but I don’t want to put my life on hold. My husband and I want to give our son a sibling so bad. But is now the right time? 

I then think what if it takes a long time and we look back and regret not trying sooner? I feel grateful to be in a position where we haven’t had too hard of a time getting pregnant, but we had our own struggles and it wasn’t as “easy” as most would think. So what if this time is the same or different? 

I think I’m just waiting to have a feeling of comfort and one day we know that it’s time. I thought that day would be here by now but that’s okay. For now, I’ll continue to watch the videos pictures of the mamas to be and mamas expecting their second, third, fourth, child! 


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