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Online Boutique | Sweetly Striped, Women’s Clothing

Hi 👋 I’m doing another small business shoutout! This shoutout goes to Sweetly Striped! An online boutique that I came across on Instagram. Shopping through Instagram is too much fun (and dangerous!). See below for her site and Instagram page! 

I purchased blue light glasses from this boutique (no more headaches!) but they offer so much more! Jackets, dresses, shirts, accessories and the list goes on. I would link my blue light glasses but they are sold out! Not surprised 🤓

Have you ever noticed sales from online boutiques are SO MUCH BETTER than sales at a chain store? Think about it, small business owners own small stores so their “warehouse” may be a warehouse or may be their garage, or a room in their house, who knows but they want to clear out the clothes as badly as you want them to go on sale!! Because of this, Ive noticed small business owners really put on a great, TRUE sale. So, I checked out Sweetly Striped sales and I was not disappointed. All over Instagram I see leopard/cheetah shoes, and Sweetly Striped has them on sale! But guess what, so does J. Crew. Both offer women’s clothing, both have leopard flats for sale. Sweetly Striped has theirs for sale at $15.99! J. Crew? $54!

I know some people are hardcore J. Crew fans, but #shoppingsmall, goes such a long way. If you’re looking for something specific, try googling what you’re looking for follow by “online boutique” (“leopard flats online boutique”) and see if some smaller shops show up before you go straight to your brand name store. Wouldn’t you rather spend $15.99 and be able to help a small business owner open up some space for some new merch!?

Hopefully you’re shopping through Sweetly Striped’s store now, so…happy shopping!


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