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SEO Tool for Mommy Bloggers

When it comes to SEO, there are always different opinions as to what is most important. Luckily, one thing that is pretty consistent across all people working in SEO is that updating content frequently is a must. If you don’t do that, then you might as well say byebye to page 1 of Google.

This is why SEO for Mommy Blogs is a great part of a moms marketing campaign. Moms love to write, their content is always different and coming from their perspective. It’s not written by a robot, it has legitimate links to products and services they enjoy, plus it’s being searched!

One thing I wanted to bring to mommy bloggers attention is Semrush. I work for a company that pays to use Semrush and has a big account, but they do offer a free version for those with just one website. It doesn’t provide nearly enoguh insight for someone to be able to do a full audit of a website, but it’s something and it does show progress!

I did an audit for and use Semrush. I was able to show her how many keywords she’s ranking for and then an update a month later – with a 40% increase in keywords! She took my recommendations, and there you go! Her SEO was working. Plus, I just linked to her Website in my blog post which provides her with backlink juice. It’s a win win!

Check out Semrush and see what you think. I use it daily and absolutely love it. Mommy bloggers need to take advantage of it too for their SEO!